cherriesProject Cedrus

A nearly two year endeavor where I set out to create a new and better composite hydrofoil. Nominated for a JEC Innovation Award (2018) and first batch units sold that summer, you can find the full story over here.


Founded in Seattle, RipeLocker is taking an innovative approach to the storage and transportation of perishable produce. Adherend Innovations is leading product design efforts, including material and process selection of the complex structural system.


Between my time at Boeing and Zee.Aero, I have extensive experience sizing primary and secondary aircraft structure. For stiffness or strength, for emergency or standard flight loading conditions, FEA is used to optimize designs and minimize weight for more efficient and safer aircraft. If you need help sizing the booms of a small UAV or optimizing the layup of wing skins on a fixed-wing aircraft, Adherend Innovations can provide all necessary FEA, CAD, and M&PT (material and process technology).

iPadProSpeakersIntegrated Speakers

During my time in iPad PD, I was instrumental in the conception and execution of the integrated speakers found in the original iPad Pro. Initially serving a structural purpose to improve strength and stiffness of the larger enclosure, the acoustic benefits were significant. Using FEA and coupon-level testing, I optimized the cap design, material, and layup for structural and acoustic performance. Working closely with our PD and Manufacturing teams, I lead the adhesives application process used to manufacture millions of iPads annually. Image courtesy Apple Inc. website.

McWhinneyMcWhinney Designs

As I approached my wedding in July of 2015, I wanted a ring that was not only special to me, but functional. As an avid kiter, cyclist, and skier, I wanted a ring that was easy to put on and take off, but stay on when I wanted it to. Jeff's innovative ring designs use an over-center clasp for easy removal, without the fear of loss. Using FEA, I helped Jeff optimize the design of his titanium and steel TG-2 to accomodate my long and slender ring finger with a one-of-a-kind ring that I appreciate daily.

madfiberwheelszoomMad Fiber

Founded in 2006 while working for Boeing in Seattle, shortly before purchasing ~2,000 pounds of carbon fiber prepreg from a Boeing surplus auction, Mad Fiber introduced it's innovative new wheel design in 2009. Though it was early in my career, I was heavily involved with the design, manufacturing, and testing of our tubular wheelset which weighed in at 1,080 grams and offered benefits over traditional autoclave cured, steel-spoked monocoque designs. I was not involved with the company at the release of the clincher design, problems with which preceeded an unfortunate bankruptcy.

Bay Area Kiteboarding

A side project I took over in 2014 from the founder, Bay Area Kiteboarding serves as the premier online discussion forum for the San Francisco Bay Area kiteboarding community. Offering an area to discuss safety and travel-related topics, lost and found, classifieds, and wind conditions, it is an invaluable resource. Since acquiring the site, I have introduced a new identity through branding of the website and apparel sales. This is an ongoing project for me, with an exciting and unpredictable future!